BCI was founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in the early 1980’s and initially served as a loading dock equipment supplier and installation company, primarily for new construction projects. Over the next ten years of BCI’s existence, we evolved to establish ourselves as a national account installation company for five different major loading dock and overhead door manufacturers.

As we grew and worked with our new construction customers, the need for quality service and routine maintenance became a persistent topic. Due to unmatched service dependability, quality, and customer relationships, the BCI service division grew faster than ever expected.

Driven by customer need, BCI added an overhead door and security grille/closure service division, along with a concrete services division, to streamline all customer receiving area needs.

We have selectively partnered with manufacturers who share our goals of dependability, quality, and innovation. By being able to provide a complete product and service line, BCI has grown into a premier partner for your company. We currently have over 400 well trained and certified technicians, along with the experience of servicing over 4,000 locations in the United States and Canada. You can be assured BCI has the desire, ability, and experience to meet your maintenance needs.


BCI's major goal is to close the gap in the relationship between the customer and the service provider. With certified technicians located nationwide, we are able to provide timely and effective service to build a foundation based on trust and performance. A couple of ways we are able to do this is through our service and planned preventative maintenance programs.

By servicing over 4,000 locations nationwide and in Canada, BCI has the experience and capability necessary to meet your needs. Each preventative maintenance plan can be formatted on an individual basis to fit the customers' needs while allowing our technicians the opportunity to perform the factory recommended servicing of the loading dock and overhead door equipment.

This quarterly service is beneficial to your company in a variety of ways
  • It ensures the life expectancy of equipment is maximized
  • Minimizes accidents and injuries
  • Reduces the downtime of all equipment by reducing service/repair calls
  • Is cost effective
  • Allows us to spot potential safety hazards with your equipment and provide multiple solutions on fixing issues
BCI also provides repair services on an as needed basis. With certified technicians able to work on all equipment and our ability to obtain OEM parts for every manufacturer, we are capable of providing a quick and effective turn around on all service calls. For standard maintenance issues, BCI provides service within 48 hours from the time the service is initiated. We also provide 24 hour emergency, after hours, and weekend service to ensure that all of your needs are met.

Additionally, by being established with Service Channel, EDI, Ariba, and Top Source, BCI can easily integrate with your company’s preferred service management systems.



    Poweramp, a division of Systems, Inc, manufactures an innovative line of diverse loading dock equipment. They are proud to offer hydraulic, air powered, mechanical dock levelers, as well as vehicle restraints and numerous dock accessories. Considering the distribution chain begins and ends at the loading dock, Poweramp recognizes that smooth dock operation is vital to the success and cost efficiency of any material handling business.
    Poweramp dock equipment gives you proven dependability, quality and safety in every product to enhance productivity and efficiency. They proudly manufacture standard dock levelers with capacities of 25,000 to 120,000 lbs CIR (Comparative Industry Rating), along with a wide range of special features. Poweramp’s reputation for manufacturing customized or unique dock levelers to meet our customer’s needs is simply unparalleled in the industry.
    Poweramp Airdock brochure
    Poweramp Restraint brochure

    Fairborn was founded in 1975 and is dedicated to the efficient production of the industry's highest quality products. This commitment to excellence ensures our customers maximum value and product life expectancy far beyond any competitive model. Fairborn's goal to maintain the position as the industry's most cost effective manufacturer of the highest quality products has enabled us to become one of the nation's largest producers of dock seals and shelters. Our experienced sales, engineering, and management staff, and the utilization of the finest grade raw materials ensures our success in providing units designed to suit our customer's specific needs.
    Fairborn Seal brochure
    Fairborn Shelter brochure

Dock Levelers, Dock Seals, Bumpers, Trailer Restraints
    Nordock is a dedicated team of professionals with over two decades of solid performance and a common goal of providing the best possible product for value conscious customers.They manufacture and distribute a full line of loading dock equipment including dock levelers, vehicle restraints, scissor lifts, truck levelers, dock seals, and a comprehensive line of accessories. In addition, Nordock has the unique capability to design and manufacture specialty engineered products for loading dock, safety and lift applications.
    Nordock Products brochure
    Nordock Seal & Shelter brochure

Dock Seals
    Hugger® has been manufacturing superior loading dock seals and shelters since 1972 and has acquired a deserved reputation for quality and attention to detail. Unique and value added standard features combined with exceptional customer service set Hugger apart from the pack. Complementing the dock seal and shelter line is a comprehensive line of loading dock and lift equipment provided by Nordock Inc. Hugger Dock Equipment and Nordock Inc. are proud partners providing first class loading dock, safety and lift solutions across North America and around the world.
    Dock Seal brochure, L Pad Literature, Soft Sided Truck Shelter Literature, Rigid Frame Truck Shelter Literature

Dock Safety Gates
    With the help of NOVA Technology, together we were able to develop a cutting edge bi-parting safety gate that not only protects employees and merchandise, but also protects the overhead door and track from unnecessary damage. This gate was designed to be repeatedly impacted without the need for repair, thus making it a wise investment that provides for long term cost savings.
    Safety Gate Literature

Overhead Door

    In today's economy, BCI recognizes the need to protect investments and control cost. That need has driven the partnership of BCI and ThermoStop. Since 1984, Thermostop has manufactured superior quality impactable and breakaway doors. All Thermostop impactable doors, whether they are sectional or sliding, use truly impactable material such as composite skins and are designed to absorb or break away upon impact (depending on model). This creates a durable and long lasting product that will provide a proven return on investment.
    Impactable Composite, Breakfree 200, Breakfree 400, Impact Traffic

    Cold Storage Doors
    Thermostop cold storage doors line covers all your cold storage warehouse needs, from the dock bay to the freezer room: cooler and freezer dock doors, knockout impactable dock doors, cooler or freezer sectional doors, sliding doors and walk-in hinged doors, impact traffic doors, high traffic breakaway impactable sliding doors. The Thermostop cold storage doors offer superior quality features and are built for unsurpassed energy conservation and durability.
    In summary, the Thermostop doors offer superior quality features and are built for unsurpassed energy conservation and durability.
    Freezer Sliding, Freestanding Freezer Doors, Cold Storage Sectional

Dynamic Closures
    We are pleased to be able to offer Dynamic Closures, the pioneer of the side-folding security grille/closure. The dependability and innovation of the Dynamic product line paired with BCI’s installation and unmatched service, makes this the best a great choice for all your security needs.
    EZ Literature

BCI Management Concrete Services
    BCI has the resources to provide interior and exterior concrete services. We can cover interior joint, crack, and spall repair. We can also address exterior issues at your location along with the removal/replacement of large areas (parking lots, exterior foundations, etc).

All dock equipment OEM and aftermarket parts/accessories
    Regardless of the brand of your existing dock equipment, BCI can provide the parts necessary for the repair.



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